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To blog, or not to blog.  Can blogging really help you secure the job of your dreams, or is it just for entrepreneurs, small business owners, online business owners….. everyone but you?

We do cover the broad concepts of blogging in our Career Management Program where we reference Nicole Warne, one of Australia’s most successful bloggers who provides great insights into what blogging is really all about.

I believe however, that it’s important to understand how blogging can work for you, and then decide what to blog about.  

great way to consider how blogging can help you to get a job is to simply be pragmatic.  What skills and experience exist on your resume, and how can you blog about what you know?  If you are a marketing professional for example, you can write about content marketing for lead generation or other topics that can create real value for your readers.

When a recruiter or hiring manager investigate you online, they will be able to get first hand experience of what it’s like to work with you.  How do you communicate, what insights do you share?  Blogging gives you the opportunity to present yourself in the best light possible.

We live in the digital age, and showing that you have mastered this era and that you are able to build your network both in the real world, and online can be very appealing to a potential employer.  Why?  Everyone’s ‘black book’ of connections is valuable, and the larger and more diverse yours is, the more interesting it is for a prospective employer.

Writing a regular blog ensure that you keep abreast of current research, trends and statistics.  All this helps to keep your skills current and if communicated correctly, can help you to differentiate yourself amongst your competitors.

Having a dedicated following to your blog can certainly command a certain kind of respect and is an interesting way for prospective employers to engage with you, and want to learn more about you.

Where to start?

The 5 best blogging platforms:
You can also shop for pre made blogger templates on Etsy; one of my favourite designers is Carrie Loves Design….you’ll find 25 pre-designed templates, all beautiful and incredibly easy to overlay onto your basic blog.

One final tip, is if you are struggling with generating catchy blog titles, look no further than for the blog topic generator.

As always I’m interested to hear your thoughts so please share on the blog page visa the social media plug-in at the bottom of the blog post on the Intention21 website – – I’d love to hear from you about your experience with blogging.  If you are just embarking on a blog please use this as an opportunity to share your work – we all have something to learn from you so thanks for sharing!